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Terms of purchase

My goal is to keep all my animals healthy, raise and breed them while I provide the best possible conditions. I guarantee that I sell a healthy, well-feeding, -shedding and -growing animal, which is at least 12 weeks old. This is my best interest, and my reputation depends on it. However, sadly I cannot assure total responsibility for the animals, which I have already sold (risks of shipping, accidents by the new owner or anything I don't have influence on). If any problem occurs, please contact me within 48 hours, and we try to solve the problem somehow!

I cannot guarantee the gender of hatchlings and juveniles until they are at least 5-6 months old. If I sell a subadult gecko as a female, I offer a guarantee. If later it turns out to be a male, I am willing to buy back the animal, or return 50% of it's price.

I try to keep the pictures of my animals up to date, making the photos during the best possible conditions. Although the colour of a juvenile can slightly change until the takeover, you should note the patterns of it (see also daily- and ontogenetic colour change), and should check it's parents! I also offer a colour-guarantee for my red animals. If you are not satisfied with its colour, then I am willing to buy back or replace the animal.

Shipment and takeover
Animals can be picked up personally in Hungary, Budapest, Csömör, or in Germany, in the area of Premich, and at the local or foreign reptile shows, by arrangement. I regularly visit the Exotica reptile show in St Pölten and Wien, and can solve shipping to Hamm and some other shows. I can give discount to returning customers and for those who are willing to buy larger amounts.

Norbert Keller
Budapest, Hungary